The Girl

Kuronuma Sawako is the female protagonist of the story. Although she bears no ill intentions, Sawako is easily misunderstood because her appearance resembles that of Sadako from The Ring. Fearing her because they believe she has the ability to curse others (which she doesn't), people even go as far as to nickname her Sadako, when all Sawako wants is to help others and make friends.

The Boy

Unlike Sawako, Kazehaya Shouta, our male protagonist, is well-liked by many. In middle school, he was so popular among girls that they agreed not to try and make him anyone's boyfriend, so they would not fight among each other and upset Kazehaya with this behavior. Sawako strives to become a person like Kazehaya, who is always surrounded by people.

The Relationship

Aside from greeting each other, Kazehaya and Sawako don't have much of a relationship in the beginning. However, it's clear that Sawako has great respect for Kazehaya, who is always cheerful and who gets along with everyone. It's not until he overhears Sawako calling him "100% refreshing" (as a compliment), that they actually start interacting with each other. For Sawako, this is like a new beginning, as she makes friends and experiences new feelings, like love. As the story progresses, we follow the relationship between Kazehaya and Sawako, as they overcome their obstacles to get their feelings across to one another.